Accessing the location configuration of module 2 during post configuration processing of module 1 for a particular server

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Mon Jun 16 14:14:40 UTC 2014


On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 02:58:50PM +0800, Rv Rv wrote:

> Hello Maxim
> Thanks for the response.
> >>As previously suggested, you should consider using merge callbacks>>to validate configuration instead.

> The requirement is *not* to validate the configuration. The 
> requirement is to find the final value set by one of the 
> directives once the configuration has been parsed. e..g lets say 
> we have a directive my_set_flag that sets a value to 0 or 1.
> So if in configuration we have 
> location \ {
> my_set_flag 0;
> ---
> my_set_flag 1;
> ---
> my_set_flag 0;
> }

Such a configuration is invalid due to duplicate "my_set_flag" 
directive, and will be rejected during configuration parsing.

> then the merge callback will be called thrice for each 
> invocation of the directive. Let's assume the logic is to set a 
> variable with whatever the value of the directive was. So once 
> parsing completes, the value of the variable should be 0.

You are misunderstanding what merge callback is, what it does and 
how it's called.

> I can get this value during request processing. However, I 
> cannot get this value *after* the parsing of the configuration 
> has completed.  What is the nginx recommended way to get this 
> value. As noted in earlier post, I am not seeing the correct 
> values in post configuration - and so perhaps that is not the 
> right way.

Again: accessing a location configuration from postconfiguration 
callback isn't trivial and not supported.  You should use merge 
callback instead, or use main or server configuration instead, 
not location.

Before proceeding any further, I would recommend you to spend some 
time digging into nginx configuration basics.  In particular, Evan 
Miller's guide may be helpful, see links here:

Maxim Dounin

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