upstream on OpenBSD not executing requests

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Thu Jun 19 13:53:24 UTC 2014

Valentin, thank you for your insight, I am upset at myself for not noticing
some obvious errors, but that's the result of my stupid schedule, which I am
personally responsible for at the end.  So yes, it was supposed to be and

At this point the balancing works, I am balancing 2 Tomcat instances, having
session replication between them and using ip_hash to force the same session
to go to the same instance.  I guess I just have to specify conditions under
which the balancer will assume that an instance is down and force all
requests to just one live instance.  Also working out the details of https
connectivity.  This is on OpenBSD and since there were new OpenSSL security
issues fixed on the 5th of June, this means patching first.  Nginx
configuration for SSL looks simple enough on the surface, I will soon find
out how it goes in reality :)

Thank you,

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