Download full mp4 file with proxy_cache or proxy_store !!

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at
Thu Jun 19 15:36:13 UTC 2014

> we're using two servers (one proxy and one backend). Proxy server 
> is using proxy_cache to cache mp4 files from backend server and working 
> fine. When i stream a full video from cache, the header response gives 
> me the cache-status: HIT but whenever i seek the mp4 file i.e 
> http://url/test.mp4?start=33 , the Cache-status changes to : MISS . 
> Does that mean, the proxy server is again downloading the same file 
> after the 33 seconds ? 
> Can't i use nginx proxy_cache to download whole mp4 file and and than 
> seek from it instead of fetching the file again and again ? Does 
> proxy_store has this functionality if not proxy_cache ? 

You would not have this problem with local files (rsync'ing them to your
server, as was previsouly suggested in the other thread).

What nginx release are you using? You probably need at least 1.5.13 as


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