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Wed Jun 25 00:18:04 UTC 2014

We are trying to use resolver on upstream. It is not working for some
reason. We are using nginx 1.6.0. Supposedly the feature should be available
on 1.5.12.

When we try to use it, It always give us an error. nginx: [emerg] invalid
parameter "resolve" in... And when I checked the source code, it doesn't
look like the feature was in there. 

According to upstream documentation it should work like this:
monitors changes of the IP addresses that correspond to a domain name of the
server, and automatically modifies the upstream configuration without the
need of restarting nginx (1.5.12).
In order for this parameter to work, the resolver directive must be
specified in the http block. Example:

http {

    upstream u {
        zone ...;
        server resolve;

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