Nginx Windows High Traffic issues

c0nw0nk nginx-forum at
Thu Jun 26 21:53:37 UTC 2014

Now i am clueless because i dropped keepalive requests i also dropped any
send_timeout values.

And this is what my bandwidth output looks like its very jumpy when it
should not be and my page loads are very slow even on static files like
html, mp4, flv etc and considering its nginx that delievers them i am very
sure nginx is the problem.

Something is very wrong with nginx i recon i am completely out of
connections avaliable and it is waiting for a connection to open to use.

Unless anyone knows what i could be needing to add to my config so that
while people are downloading/streaming videos that are upto 500mb in size.

I already use limit_rate but with that my bandwidth output should not be
jumpy like in the picture it would be a straight smooth line like it used to
be but with more traffic i recon my connection limit is reached ?

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