difficulty adding headers

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Fri Jun 27 18:23:47 UTC 2014

this stackoverflow response on the topic is one that quotes the code i
used... i have also seen this page linked by several other pages which said
this was a workable approach:

i am not blindly following anything - i am looking at all the available
information and referred to the nginx documentation - i am using what works
and disregarding what does not. so far i have not found an explanation of
this situation i am experiencing in the documentation or on forums, hence i
am here asking.

in any case, i removed return 206;
the situation did not change.
i am unclear why removing 'return 206' would cause a 200 response to become
a 206 response! ;)

" If range requests are
supported, the header will be added automatically."

i am making a simple request for a static mp4 file via curl to nginx 1.7.2..
i am not clear on your use of the idea of 'if range requests are supported'
in this context. how would i know if they are supported or not?

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