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Sat Jun 28 00:27:13 UTC 2014

Paul Schlie Wrote:
> I don't know if what you're experiencing is related to a problem I'm
> still tracking down, specifically that multiple redundant read-streams
> and corresponding temp_files are being opened to read the same file
> from a backend server for what appears to be a single initial get
> request by a client for a large mp4 file which was not yet been
> locally reverse proxy cashed by nginx as an substantially static file.
> This appears to end up creating 6-10x more traffic and disk activity
> than is actually required to cache the single file (depending on how
> many redundant read-stream/temp_files are created.  If a server is
> attempting to reverse proxy many such relatively large files, it could
> easily saturate nginx with network/disk traffic until most such files
> requested were eventually locally cached.
> On Jun 27, 2014, at 4:30 PM, c0nw0nk <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> > My new soloution did not last very long everything shot up again so
> the mp4
> > function is needed to drop I/O usage but as of what the optimal
> setting for
> > the buffers are realy does baffle me
> > 
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Well i don't proxy anything everything is hosted locally and php is run by
fastcgi but it is all on the same machine.

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