SSL slow on nginx

Steve Holdoway steve at
Sun Jun 29 07:06:10 UTC 2014

On Sat, 2014-06-28 at 01:14 -0400, khav wrote:
> For my site , ssl seems to be slow even though i got A+ on sslabs
> (implemented ocsp stapling, Forward Secrecy , spdy) 
> Here is the result from pingdom 
> Notice the high connect time and high ssl negociation time 
> Here is my nginx conf 
> server {
>     listen       443 spdy default_server; #Change to 443 when SSL is on
> 	ssl on;
> 	ssl_certificate    /etc/ssl/; #(or .pem) 
>     ssl_certificate_key    /etc/ssl/;
> 	ssl_client_certificate /etc/ssl/intermediate.crt;
> 	ssl_protocols SSLv3 TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2;
>    ssl_ciphers
>     ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;
> 	ssl_buffer_size 8k;
>     ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:10m;
> 	ssl_dhparam /etc/ssl/dhparam.pem;
>     ssl_session_timeout 10m;
> 	ssl_stapling on;
>     ssl_stapling_verify on;
> 	ssl_trusted_certificate  /etc/ssl/trustchain.crt; 
> 	resolver;
> 	add_header Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000;
> includeSubDomains";
>   #rest of config goes here 
> }

Setting up a local DNS resolver, and adding it in as the first one may
make a bit of a help, as may implementing SPDY.

However, ( using webpagetest as my preferred tool... from Dulles as the
server is reported to be in Utah: ) I'd say that the
problem may well be with the available power on the server itself: for
example, it takes .8s to download a 20KB woff file. Given the services
that you're wanting to offer, I think you're going to need a load more


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