using 'X-Accel-Redirect' in 'internal' with PHP to stream videos?

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Sun Jun 29 13:10:47 UTC 2014

i am using a site built with the php based social framework called elgg
( and am extending elgg to stream video.
i discovered that nginx is not serving the mp4 files (for example) with the
'Accept-Ranges' header and thus without streaming support.
i am searching for a way to remedy this.
a 2nd issue is that the php overhead for repeatedly accessing the same file,
through the elgg framework, is high and thus needs to be mitigated somehow.

what i know:
after some debugging, i found that elgg stores the video files in a
directory that is outside of the root of the virtual site that is defined by
my nginx configuration and this is resulting in some aspects of nginx
(streaming) processing not being applied to the video files when they are
served. i am not 100% clear whether the missing processing is that which
occurs due to the presence of the mp4 directive, or due to a different core
process of nginx. either way, files that are placed within the root of the
site (as defined in the virtual site config file) stream correctly and those
that are in the elgg data folder do not stream, they load as static files
and cannot be played from arbitrary start points.

the only solution i have found so far, that maintains any of elgg's ability
to provide security levels to access to the files, is to create a new PHP
file in my site that provides the media streams and which outputs an
'X-Accel-Redirect' header, which is then cached - such that each subsequent
access to the streamed file is redirected via the redirect header and no PHP
is processed (in theory).

however, i have not been able to test this because when i coded what i
thought might produce the desired results, i found that nginx was always
processing the location block that is designated for .php files within the
site's config file and skipping the new location block that i created for
the streaming files.

the new location block is:

	location /stream/
		root /var/www/data_dev;
	        add_header "stream" "mp4";
		mp4_buffer_size 4M;
		mp4_max_buffer_size 20M;
		gzip off;
		gzip_static off;    	

which uses the 'internal' directive
( to make
the data store available internally via redirects. i have not been able to
test this though, since the .php block always over-rides this /stream/

in any case, i don't think this is a usable approach, since from what i can
tell, even if this works, the security will be lost from the data folder and
thus the entire element of privacy will be lost from the site.

anyone got any thoughts to add here?

(this is a continuation of my thread here:,251236 - which i have relocated to provide
a more accurate thread title)

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