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Mon Jun 30 20:34:51 UTC 2014

ok, thanks.

1. i was thinking that this was the case, based on the results i have seen,
2. ah, ok - i didn't appreciate that. i found this page with php code:

is there a standard / recommended way to approach this with nginx?

3. i believe the problem i am encountering is that i am unable to explicitly
redirect file requests for a specific path (e.g. a path i create for use
with streaming videos, called 'stream') to a specific static address in the
server's filestorage, because every request is being handled via a php file
and there is a .php location block in the site config. so if i create a

location /stream/ {
 root /var/www/data/;

and then navigate to www.mysite.tld/stream/blah.mp4

what is occuring is that the stream block is never processed and the .php
block in the config is triggered instead.. i'm not 100% clear on why this is

here's a sample elgg nginx config file that is basically similar to mine:

i have created a new thread in the forum here for this topic, since you have
really helpfully addressed my original question and the topic has changed.
(new thread: http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,251295)

i will play some more with this shortly and see if i can make any progress.
thanks for your focus. :)

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