custom handler module - dynamic response with unknown content length

Yasser Zamani yasser.zamani at
Sat Mar 1 09:18:11 UTC 2014

Thanks for your response....

On Sat 01 Mar 2014 03:41:24 AM IRST, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Hello!
> You've tried to send the same chain with the same buffer multiple
> times.  After a buffer is sent for the first time, its pointers
> are adjusted to indicate it was sent - b->pos moved to b->last, and
> buffer's size become zero.  Second attempt to send the same buffer
> will expectedly trigger the "zero size buf" check.
Great! I tried:

	for(i=1;i<10000000;i++){b->flush = 
rc, rc:%d", rc);return rc;}b->pos = ngx_hello_string;b->last = 
ngx_hello_string + sizeof(ngx_hello_string) - 1;b->memory = 
1;b->last_buf = 0;}

which now fails with:

2014/03/01 12:23:39 [alert] 5022#0: *1 bad rc, rc:-2, client:, server: localhost, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: 
2014/03/01 12:23:39 [alert] 5022#0: *1 zero size buf in writer t:0 r:0 
f:0 00000000 080C7431-080C7431 00000000 0-0, client:, server: 
localhost, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: "localhost:8080"

And to resolve this I know I should follow the solution at [3].

But is this a clean way to call 'ngx_http_output_filter' more than 
once? (please see below to know why I have to call it multiple times)

FYI: Previous try did not fail in SECOND attempt but it failed when 
client successfully download 936 bytes of repeated "Hello, World!"s (72 

> Trivial aproach is to prepare full output chain, and then send it
> using single ngx_http_output_filter() call.

The full output chain will be usually a long video which is not a file 
but will be generated in memory on the fly. I have to send each chunk 
as soon as it's ready because the stream generation is time consuming 
and client COULD NOT wait for all to be done. Suppose it's a 1 hour 
video which dynamically has been generated and I would like to send 
each minute as soon as it's ready without waiting for all 1 hour 
transcoding. I'm aware about nginx's mp4 module but it does not support 
time consuming dynamically generated video on memory.


Thanks again!

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