Some Issues with Configuration

Richard Ibbotson richard.ibbotson at
Wed Mar 5 11:13:05 UTC 2014


I've been having a few problems with configuration of NGINX.  No 
problems with running Apache or Lighttpd on my own Linux box but I've 
been scratching my head over NGINX.  

When I've compiled from source or used the vanilla Ubuntu package I 
find that I can download the front page from my box which is  This is an HTML page. I can't 
download other pages which are serveral instances of Wordpress.  Such 
as  What I get instead is 
that my web browser (I have tried several web browsers in different 
locations)  asks me to download a BIN file instead of a web page.

I'm sure that someone has had this problem when configuring NGINX.  Can 
anyone point me in the right direction ?  I thought it might be 
something to do with the location statment.  Such as ....


# Blog
location = /blog {
         allow all;
         access_log off;
         log_not_found off;

But.. No... That's not it either.  

Sheffield UK

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