OCSP, ssl_trusted_certificate, and ssl_stapling_verify

Scott Larson stl at wiredrive.com
Wed Mar 5 19:49:24 UTC 2014

     In setting up OCSP stapling on 1.5.10 I've found it behaving in a way
which is opposite to what I perceive is documented. There it states that
the contents of ssl_trusted_certificate are not sent to the client. However
when I enable ssl_stapling_verify, which requires the inclusion of in this
case the GeoTrust root certificate for the OCSP response to work, this root
certificate is included in the response back to the client.
     Am I just interpreting the documentation incorrectly? It's not a dire
issue, simply unexpected, and when including the root cert the SSL
handshake increases from 4434 bytes to 5293.

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