Confusion over apparently conflicting advice in guide/wiki/examples

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Wed Mar 5 23:31:27 UTC 2014

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just to avoid sending package maintainers on a wild goose chase...

> The only remaining confusion comes with the provided nginx config files
> which appear to contradict best practice

To understand that, you should probably find what "best practice"
actually is, and (more importantly) the specific set of circumstances
when this set of best practice applies.

Pretty much all guidelines have exceptions.

> (as well as setting up parameters
> which don't even exist!)

I'm not sure what you mean by that. In the context of fastcgi / php, if
you set "fastcgi_param HELLO $request_uri;", then when you look in your
php $_SERVER (or wherever your fastcgi server presents the information),
you will have a parameter HELLO with the value of the incoming request.

If a fastcgi_param is set (explicitly or implicitly), it exists. If it
is not, it does not.

The "defaults", either from Ubuntu or nginx, are presumably "a set that
the author thinks are probably frequently useful".

You can always set exactly the values that your fastcgi server, your
version of php, and your application, require, and remove all of the
others. And then do it again when you add another application, or change
any of your stack.

Good luck with it,

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