ssl cache pooling ? (kind of)

Larry nginx-forum at
Sat Mar 22 16:28:16 UTC 2014


I would like to know if we could replicate the shared memory over multiple

One cannot reliably use the new ticket system since not all webbrowsers
support this.

My idea is to modify the ngx_shared_memory_add function to add a rpc stack
to it.

We would write down the upstream servers we want to make aware of the
modification and send them the cache value.

The only remaining question is how to make a corresponding with the mmap.

Is there a corresponding logic directly between the ssl handshake and the
place in memory choosen ?
Are there any restrictions ?

Basically it would be a full replication of the cache on every server, but
allowing dynamic allocation so that every server remains independant.

Since this does not consume that much of resources, we can easily allocate
even 50Mo for the shared memory without any fear.

Before I start coding,  I would like to know if there are any mistakes in
the idea. I may have missed something huge.

Did I ?


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