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Wed Mar 26 13:56:09 UTC 2014

Thanks Jonathan for the pointer. I was going to throw some WIkipedia page
about it but RFC is definitely the best!

I am glad you discovered I was not alone Jim, thought I am a little sad
that you were that harsh welcoming my input as, if I may, I also did the
reporting on my free time, and without it I am unsure whether you would
have investigated anything?
On a side note, I know what working for free in whatever structure is. I
just rarely used that as an excuse to take the right of sending people of
good faith away.

I do not know if those 502 are directly tied to some IPv6 request, since I
have both v4/v6 connectivity. I do not know how switch/fallback between
versions occur during normal browsing.
I recovered access to the URL, but following your explanation the 502 were
due to the temporary apache setup.

- I know little about Apache and especially RPAF module, but Googling a
little around I found that:
I do not know if that would help, but who knows? If you are using Debian,
it seems there was an update at the end of January.

- For PHP stopping accepting requests, since it is not crashing and you
confirm the traffic volume is high, I would bet on the exhaustion of
threads being able to accept new requests. Looks like the usual symptoms.
Ironically, I found some answers on the Nginx ML archive that would help
improving threads pool and PHP jobs execution time limit:,108162

I hope you will find your way out of there,
*B. R.*
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