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Wed Mar 26 21:55:33 UTC 2014

Maxinm -

Thank you for your answer!  It is not a root location issue because if I
am not in the country that is being geotargetted then I can see css, etc.
everything without any problems.

The issue comes when the user is in country XX and sees that page.  If I
look at the error messages on the page I get a lot of 404s for images and
css and js because they can not be found since all css are being served by
the server in country XX and that server does not have it.

I tested this by creating a location with a string that all the images
references contain and point it to be served by the server outside of the
country XX and all images display perfectly.

How can I circumvent this problem?


> Hello!
> On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 02:25:21AM -0000, Alex wrote:
>> I am diverting traffic from one specific country (XX) to a specific APP
>> server (Server for country XX) using an upstream definition and geoip.
>> See
>> definition below.
>> Everything works well except when people who live in country XX try to
>> access information that is hosted in the other server - this is because
>> they may get the URI by doing searching on Google or other search
>> engine.
>> So we are trying to set Nginx so that if we get a URI that is hosted in
>> the other server, the user from country XX can still access it.  See the
>> "FUN" location definition.
>> The problem comes when the person located in country XX sees the
>> uri.  Then, he/she gets all the text, but any reference
>> of
>> css, jpegs are served by server from country XX, not by the standard
>> server that contains the :fun" information.  How can I set it so that is
>> being accessed be served entirely by the appropriate server that hosts
>> the
>> information?
> An obvious solution would be to return appropriate refernces to
> css/jpegs/etc from your "standard server".
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