404 on Prestashop 1.5 under nginx

tonimarmol nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Mar 27 12:15:36 UTC 2014

That paypal module I think it not compatible with Prestashop 1.6 because
it's using order-confirmation.php file and this file is deleted on PS 1.6.

I think the module will be updated soon...

Anyways, have a look on Prestashop 1.5 and create the same file:



Tools::redirect('index.php?controller=order-confirmation'.((count($_GET) ||
count($_POST)) ? '&'.http_build_query(array_merge($_GET, $_POST), '', '&') :
''), __PS_BASE_URI__, null, 'HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently');

Good luck

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