Defining a default server for when vhost does not exist for requested hostname (including blank hostname), for http and https

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Fri Mar 28 17:20:23 UTC 2014

Jonathan Matthews Wrote:
> bugs/features like this will get exponentially more attention after
> Windows XP goes EOL this April, as (I believe) it's the last major
> platform not to support SNI.

Which is a moot case since there are at least 5 other browsers for XP who
support SNI.

"SSL support with SNI on shared IP addresses requires that the user's
browser supports SNI. Most modern web browsers support it (e.g., IE 7 and
above, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome). However, there are a few outlier

    Any Internet Explorer browser on Windows XP
    Chrome 5 and older on Windows XP
    Blackberry web browser
    Windows Mobile phones up to version 6.5
    Android mobile phone default browser on Android OS 2.x"

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