Nginx receiving bytes from Amazon ELB (Performance Issue)

rodrigo.aiello nginx-forum at
Wed May 7 18:05:26 UTC 2014

I have a service in my java application that I get the id of an image,
height and width. I do image resizing according to the provided dimensions
and return the bytes. As I am using a nginx in front of application
server(tomcat), requests are taking too long to process because nginx is on
a different server than tomcat. Nginx is receiving the bytes and then
delivering. I wonder if anyone has gone through this problem and found a
better solution.

Infrastructure (Amazon)

1 EC2 Micro (Nginx)

1 Elastic Load Balance

2 EC2 Medium (Java Application)

Nginx send requests to ELB.

I believe the problem is the transfer of bytes between the load balance and
the nginx instance

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