Dropped https client connection doesn't drop backend proxy_pass connection

newnovice nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue May 20 06:04:57 UTC 2014

1. Where can i get a full list of these disabled headers: 
"By default, nginx does not pass the header fields “Date”, “Server”,
“X-Pad”, and “X-Accel-...” from the response of a proxied server to a
client. The proxy_hide_header directive sets additional fields that will not
be passed. If, on the contrary, the passing of fields needs to be permitted,
the proxy_pass_header directive can be used."

2. Can you suggest how I can accomplish preserving and passing on Connection
and Keep-Alive headers from upstream server to client. I am not sure I
follow: "using combination of add_header and $upstream_http_* variables"

Thanks a lot!

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