Nginx with NO SSL offload

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at
Fri May 23 19:38:55 UTC 2014


> Hi All,
> Is there way I configure Nginx not to do SSL offload, i.e Nginx should
> receive the HTTPS traffic (by listening on port 443) and forward the same to
> the backend server without doing an offload.
> I think I can do this if I setup my Nginx in TCP mode (using the third party
> module tcp proxy). But, I am wondering if the "NO SSL OFFLOAD" can be
> handled by the standard Nginx.
> Please let me know.

I don't think it can.

You should take a look at HAProxy for this. Its has all the features you need
to load-balancing in front of a big SSL farm (like stickiness based on the
SSL session id).




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