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Thanks B. R. for your immediate reply. 

Configuration file which we are using is attached along with the email. 

We want following functions :- 
On our server there are two services running. 
One on 80 port and another one on 6400 port. 
We want to use Nginx as product which can help us to SSL enable both services and these services does not have capabilities to be SSL Enabled. 
Thus, we want to Nginx to listen on two SSL Port 443 and 6401. 
When Nginx receives request on port 443 , it will reverse proxy that request to service running on 80 port. 
And when Nginx receives request on port 6401 , it will reverse proxy that request to service running on 6400 port. 
Service which is running on 80 port is apache tomcat, where as service running on port 6400 is proprietary product which is called using AJAX. 

This configuration is working very well on chrome, but we are facing issue on Internet explorer 8 onwards. 

Please let us know if shared configuration is correct or not. 

Thank you very much for reply. 

We have started looking in apache , but still it is in RnD phase. 

Thanks & Regards, 
Vishal Mestri 

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If you wanted more help, you could provide some of the following: 

- Your configuration and what you expect it to do 

- The step you took to check the communication between nginx and your backend (the dumps of tcpdump) with details of what you expected 

Logs only show applied configuration (which might be faulty) do. 

However, if your decision is already made, then good luck with Apache or squid ;o) 

B. R. 
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