File '/usr/sbin/nginx' seems to be deleted

Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Sun Nov 16 12:07:16 UTC 2014


On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 07:37:44AM -0500, khav wrote:

> I did a nginx restart but the errors still here
> Nov 15 11:22:06 sv1 abrtd: Package 'nginx' isn't signed with proper key
> Nov 15 11:22:06 sv1 abrtd: 'post-create' on
> '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2014-11-15-11:21:50-44431' exited with 1
> Nov 15 11:22:06 sv1 abrtd: Deleting problem directory
> '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2014-11-15-11:21:50-44431'
> Nov 15 11:27:47 sv1 kernel: nginx[9263]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000438f38
> sp 00007fff961821b0 error 4 in nginx[400000+e2000]
> Nov 15 11:27:54 sv1 abrtd: Directory 'ccpp-2014-11-15-11:27:47-9263'
> creation detected

These are different errors - there are no "... seems to be 
deleted" errors as you may notice, so it should be able to obtain 
proper stack traces now to find out why segfault happens.

> Earlier i was using nginx install from epel repo and then i compiled from
> source

You may want to follow generic hints outlined here:

In this particular case I would recommend you to start looking 
from "nginx -V" output (look 3rd party modules, try to test 
without them if there are any) and a stack backtrace.

Maxim Dounin

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