nginx.conf 2014 October 20-22 in San Francisco

Sarah Novotny sarah at
Wed Oct 1 15:21:48 UTC 2014

Hello all!

nginx.conf 2014 is coming soon and best pricing and conference hotel rates expire October 3. 

We’re super excited about the speakers including Ilya Grigork of Google,  Adrian Cockcroft of Battery Ventures, Yichun Zhang (agentzh) and John Graham-Cumming of Cloud Flare, Chris Byron of Box and, of course, many of the core developers of NGINX.  

More speakers are here -

One of our team highlighted a short list of talks he’s going to try to attend… perhaps they will pique your interest too?

> Building a low-latency WAF inside NGINX using Lua
> The Latest and Greatest from ngx_lua: New Features & Tools
> NGINX and Single sign-on Authentication in Under 150 Lines of Code
> Streaming File Decryption and Other Uses for NGINX at Box
> Performance Testing Crash Course
> Load Balancing a Dynamic Infrastructure with NGINX, Chef, and Confd
> From Zero to CDN in Two Days
> Large Scale NGINX Sharding at Spotify
> Surviving High Bursts of Traffic
> When Dynamic Becomes Static: The Next Step in Web Caching Techniques

You can check out the full schedule -

Please also use (and feel free to share) this code NGINXUG to get 25% off of the training and sessions.


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