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Mon Oct 6 10:09:05 UTC 2014

By default, nginx 'cleanse' URI by decoding/correcting specific cases
before matching it against a location. The multiple slashes are part of it.
Read how location
<> works.

I suppose the internal $uri
<> variable
holds watch nginx uses for its logic, but in any case holds a
decoded/corrected version of the URI.

If you *do not* want nginx to automatically try to correct multiple
slashes, you can override the default configuration for the corresponding
Be careful then: your locations won't match if they do not find any exact
stanza suitable for them. ;o)

You will be up for the pain you asked for...
*B. R.*

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 11:17 AM, Benoit Vasseur <bvasseur at>

> Hi everybody,
> I am in trouble with my nginx configuration.
> my version of nginx is 1.1.19
> My goal is to redirect to http://example/site
> My app is in Rails and I want to handle this redirect with Rack.
> However I am not able to detect this ‘//’ in the url.
> Nginx send to my app ‘/site’ and not ‘//site’.
> Seeing that my rails app had not the right info I tried to handle this
> redirection at the nginx level but I had the same issue ; I am not able to
> detect the ‘//’.
> I tried to desactivate the merge slashes option but it did not change
> anything
> $uri and $request_uri still contained ‘/site’ and not ‘//site’
> Do you have any idea why the first slash is skip ?
> I tried to follow some examples but nothing worked :/
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