[ANN] OpenResty released

Yichun Zhang (agentzh) agentzh at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 00:15:07 UTC 2014

Hi folks!

I am happy to announce the new formal release,, of the OpenResty bundle:


The highlights of this release are

    1) the new "resty" command-line utility,

    2) SSL/TLS cosocket support in ngx_lua (with SNI support and
client-side session reuse support as well), and

    3) SSL/TLS support in our nonblocking MySQL driver in pure Lua,

(The highlight for the previous formal release was the full-duplex
cosocket support ;))

Special thanks go to all our contributors for making this happen!

Below is the complete change log for this release, as compared to the
last formal release,

 *   upgraded the Nginx core to 1.7.4.

     *   see the changes here: <http://nginx.org/en/CHANGES>

 *   feature: added a new command-line utility, "resty", to run Lua
     code or Lua files (for OpenResty) directly from the
     command-line. it is installed into the "<prefix>/bin" directory.
     prodded by Vitaly Kosenko. This tool is currently experimental.

 *   bugfix: "./configure": we might misuse the homebrew version of
     LuaJIT on Mac OS X when the user specified the
     "--with-ld-opt="-L/usr/local/lib"" option. thanks Aapo
     Talvensaari for the report.

 *   bugfix: "util/install": remove the target file before
     overwriting to prevent running processes (if any) from crashing.

 *   bugfix: "./configure": call "sh" explicitly for nginx's
     "./configure" script to prevent potential file permission

 *   optimize: now we use the C compiler option "-O2" for everything
     by default (we used to use "-O1" which is too conservative).

 *   upgraded the ngx_postgres module to 1.0rc4.

     *   bugfix: segmentation fault might happen in
         "ngx_destroy_pool" when debug logging was enabled in the
         nginx build. thanks buddy-ekb for the report.

 *   upgraded the ngx_echo module to 0.56.

     *   bugfix: our "create_loc_conf" callback did not return NULL
         on error. thanks Markus Linnala for the patch.

     *   bugfix: reading $echo_client_request_headers would return
         garbled data when LF instead of CRLF is used as the line
         terminator in the original header.

     *   bugfix: reading $echo_client_request_headers could lead to
         buffer overflow due to misuse of "r->header_end" while
         modules like ngx_fastcgi and ngx_proxy can change
         "r->header_end" to point to buffers of their own.

 *   upgraded the ngx_form_input module to 0.10.

     *   bugfix: "pcre_exec -2" error might happen when the standard
         "if" directive is used to test the empty value nginx
         variables set by this module with a regex. (Jiale)

     *   bugfix: we incorrectly overrode "r->read_event_handler" with
         "ngx_http_request_empty_handler" in our "post read" callback
         for client request body reading, which could waste CPU time
         in level-triggered event models like poll and select. thanks
         chen for the catch.

 *   upgraded the ngx_set_misc module 0.26.

     *   change: set_escape_uri: use uppercase hexadecimal digits for
         percent-encoding as per RFC 3986. thanks splitice for the
         original patch.

     *   bugfix: our "create_loc_conf" callback did not return NULL
         on error. thanks Markus Linnala for the patch.

     *   bugfix: fixed source and test files' permission. they should
         not be executable at all. thanks Christos Kontas for the

 *   upgraded LuaJIT to v2.1-20140805:

     *   imported Mike Pall's latest bug fixes:

         *   FFI: Fix "__index"/"__newindex" metamethod resolution
             for ctypes.

         *   Invalidate backpropagation cache after DCE.

 *   upgraded the ngx_lua module to 0.9.12.

     *   feature: implemented the SSL/TLS cosocket API.

         *   added new method sslhandshake() to the stream-typed
             cosocket objects.

         *   added new configuration directives
             lua_ssl_trusted_certificate, lua_ssl_verify_depth,
             lua_ssl_crl, lua_ssl_protocols, and lua_ssl_ciphers.
             thanks aviramc for the original patch.

     *   feature: the standard coroutine API is now enabled in the
         context of header_filter_by_lua* and body_filter_by_lua*.
         thanks ngo for the request.

     *   feature: for content/rewrite/access_by_lua_file directives,
         we now return 404 status code instead of 500 in case that
         the specified .lua file cannot be opened. thanks Sam Lee for
         the suggestion.

     *   feature: added pure C API function for FFI-based
         implementation of reading ngx.header.HEADER.

     *   feature: now we also explicitly check the Lua ABI/language
         version in our feature test of the "./configure" phase for a
         usable Lua lib.

     *   feature: added pure C API functions for FFI-based
         implementations of ngx.worker.pid() and

     *   bugfix: ngx.req.raw_header() could lead to buffer overflow
         and the "userdata length overflow" error due to misuse of
         "r->header_end" while modules like ngx_fastcgi and ngx_proxy
         can change "r->header_end" to point to buffers of their own.
         thanks sadmedved for the report.

     *   bugfix: ngx.req.raw_header() would return garbled data when
         LF instead of CRLF is used as the line terminator in the
         original header.

     *   bugfix: body_filter_by_lua*: reading "ngx.arg[1]" after
         clearing "ngx.arg[1]" (by assigning nil or "") could lead to
         segmentation faults. this regression had appeared in
         v0.9.10. thanks Jason Stangroome for the report.

     *   bugfix: init_worker_by_lua* would conflict with some other
         nginx C modules (like ngx_proxy) when their "merge_loc_conf"
         callbacks (or alike) produce side-effects in "cf->cycle".
         thanks Ruoshan Huang for the report.

     *   bugfix: stream-typed cosocket might read uninitialized
         memory bytes when logging errors due to sending to or
         receiving from a closed socket.

     *   bugfix: the stream-typed and datagram-typed cosockets'
         resolver handler did not handle some special errors

     *   bugfix: ngx.resp.get_headers(): sometimes we might omit the
         builtin-headers Content-Type, Content-Length, Connection,
         and Transfer-Encoding. thanks Jon Keys for the report.

     *   bugfix: ngx.req.socket(true): it incrrectly returned the
         error "chunked request bodies not supported yet" for raw
         request sockets with chunked request bodies. thanks Xiaofei
         Yang for the report.

     *   bugfix: we did not check allocation failures while compiling
         the pattern for tcpsock:receiveuntil(). thanks Tatsuhiko
         Kubo for the patch.

     *   bugfix: we did not use "lua_checkstack()" to prevent Lua
         stack overflow in our own C-land Lua backtrace generator.

     *   bugfix: fixed an incorrect error message. thanks aviramc for
         the patch.

     *   bugfix: for statically linked LuaJIT, we need to pass "-ldl"
         to the linker. thanks cf2012 for the report.

     *   bugfix: the tcp_nodelay directive configuration was not
         honored by upstream TCP cosockets, which could lead to extra
         delays for small messages. thanks Shun Zhang for reporting
         this issue.

     *   bugfix: fixed build failures with OpenSSL older than 0.9.8f.
         thanks FFCZ for the report.

     *   bugfix: compilation failed with nginx 1.3.6 or older. this
         regression had appeared in the v0.9.11 release.

     *   bugfix: compilation failed with nginx 0.9.x.

     *   bugfix: our "create_loc_conf" callback did not return NULL
         on error.

     *   bugfix: added allocation failure check for
         "ngx_array_init()" on the C land. thanks Tatsuhiko Kubo for
         the patch.

     *   optimize: we now cache the userdata metatable (for the
         "__gc" metamethod) in the lua registry for both the
         stream-typed datagram-typed cosockets.

     *   optimize: reading ngx.header.HEADER: eliminated dynamic
         allocations and data copying when there is no need to
         ransform "_" to "-" in the header name.

     *   change: ngx.escape_uri() now uses uppercase hexadecimal
         digits for percent-encoding according to the recommendation
         in RFC 3986. thanks Piotr Sikora for the suggestion.

     *   change: use the type "ngx_http_lua_ffi_str_t" instead of
         "ngx_str_t" in the pure C API function

     *   change: renamed the C macro "NGX_HTTP_LUA_NO_FFI_API" to

     *   style: various coding style fixes and minor optimizations
         from Tatsuhiko Kubo.

     *   doc: documented the behavior of init_by_lua* when
         lua_code_cache is off.

     *   doc: fixed a wrong statement regarding "require()" in the
         "Lua Variable Scope" section. thanks Hungpu DU for the

     *   doc: more clarification in the docs for the "res.truncated"
         flag returned by ngx.location.capture(). thanks Jon Keys for

     *   doc: added missing method name "get_keys" under
         "ngx.shared.DICT" and also fixed the method order. thanks
         George Bashi for the patch.

     *   doc: markdown: fixed the "Back to TOC" links for the
         sections ("Nginx API for Lua" and "Directives") with inlined
         TOC. thanks Pierre-Yves Gérardy and Simon Eskildsen for the

     *   doc: improved the wording in the "Lua Coroutine
         Yielding/Resuming" section. thanks Hungpu DU for the report.

     *   doc: improved the wording of the documentation for
         ngx.req.clear_header() to prevent ambiguity. thanks
         Christophe-Marie Duquesne for the report.

 *   upgraded the lua-resty-core library to 0.0.9.

     *   feature: implemented the reading part of ngx.header.HEADER
         with FFI.

     *   feature: implemented ngx.worker.pid() and
         ngx.worker.exiting() with FFI.

 *   upgraded the lua-resty-upstream-healthcheck library to 0.03.

     *   optimize: timers in different nginx worker processes can go
         out of phase as time goes, resulting in duplicate test
         requests from different workers in the same check interval.
         thanks fancyrabbit for the report and fix.

 *   upgraded the lua-resty-websocket library to 0.04.

     *   feature: resty.websocket.client: added support for the
         "origin" option to specify the value of the "Origin" request
         header. thanks woo for the original patch.

     *   bugfix: resty.websocket.client: connection pooling was
         broken due to duplicate websocket handshakes. thanks woo for
         the patch.

     *   bugfix: fixed the "Sec-WebSocket-Protocol" header when the
         secondary protocols are specified. thanks woo for the

     *   doc: typo fixes from Laurent Arnoud.

 *   upgraded the lua-resty-dns library to 0.13.

     *   bugfix: we did not parse the character-strings in the "TXT"
         record data. thanks Kevin Ingersoll for the report.

 *   upgraded the lua-resty-mysql library to 0.15.

     *   feature: added new boolean-value options "ssl" and
         "ssl_verify" to the connect() method connecting to MySQL via

 *   upgraded the lua-cjson library to

     *   bugfix: the Makefile had a bug that overwrites the existing
         "cjson.so" file in place which could cause already running
         processes with this ".so" file loaded to crash. thanks
         ywsample for the report.

The HTML version of the change log with lots of helpful hyper-links
can be browsed here:


OpenResty (aka. ngx_openresty) is a full-fledged web application
server by bundling the standard Nginx core, lots of 3rd-party Nginx
modules and Lua libraries, as well as most of their external
dependencies. See OpenResty's homepage for details:


We have run extensive testing on our Amazon EC2 test cluster and
ensured that all the components (including the Nginx core) play well
together. The latest test report can always be found here:


Have fun!

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