How to print at non emergency, critical, error from nginx configuration log

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Fri Oct 10 13:02:14 UTC 2014


If I use ngx_conf_log_error during parsing an nginx configuration (post config phase), the messages at NGX_LOG_INFO are not printed to the error log even when I set it the error log to log debug level.
I can see the   NGX_LOG_ERR, NGX_LOG_WARN , NGX_LOG_EMERG etc though. I scanned through the code and don't find any example of the code logging at NGX_LOG_INFO.
Ultimately, ngx_conf_log_error also uses ngx_log_error which should log at NGX_LOG_INFO. Before investigating further, I wanted to understand if this is intended and if there are any workarounds. Thanks 
for any inputs
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