Need help with Secure Link!!! Lets see who can solve this...

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Mon Oct 13 00:25:17 UTC 2014

I'm trying to create a Video Hosting site, for that I started checking all
existing sites like that one to see how they work and how they secure their
files. For my surprise, I noticed most "video streaming websites" not only
work the same way but also have exactly the same "url encoding" for
restricting their files according to "File name / Remote IP Address / Time
I also notice that all of them work with NGINX and even old versions

All their links look like this:

The ENCODING this link uses is not "MD5" or even "BASE64" and all NGINX
modules specify (so this is what confuses me a lot)...

All this sites encode their links in a format which includes only "a-z"
letters and "2-7" numbers... according to my knowledge this links are in
BASE32... and I can't find any method or module in NGINX to create my links
the same way...


58 chars (weird, MD5 uses 32)...

Did all those sites use the same method? Or were all those sites made by the
same owner/person?

The thing is that I wanna know how to create in NGINX the same looking HASH
link in BASE32 (not in MD5, not BASE64 and not any other encoding)...

The first one who helps me out i give him a free Membership on my site :)

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