Possible to have a limit_req "nodelay burst" option?

Andreas S. lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Oct 15 07:51:19 UTC 2014

ppy wrote in post #1114430:
> I have to agree with this completely. In fact, I thought this was the
> intended behaviour of the "burst" argument, and it wasn't until further
> testing that I realised its true meaning.
> I am looking for the exact same behaviour here – to allow *actual* burst
> requests before the delay starts to kick in. The eventual 503 is not
> necessary.

I came across the same issue today. Actually, a lot of the explanations 
of the limit_req functionality that you can find on the web seem to 
think that it works that way, probably because it would be the most 
intuitive and useful way to do it.

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