Nginx serving Large static files on windows

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Sat Oct 25 05:50:25 UTC 2014

Sorry to keep posting this all seperatly but what makes this even stranger
once 44 or so seconds pass and the media starts playing i can skip anywhere
i like in the file and its fast as soon as i refresh and redownload i have
to wait again.

I dont know why there are other files just as large but not mp4's that
download fast and can stream fast but with large mp4's nginx seems to either
wait or buffer or something first what i dont see how it can be buffering
when i do not use the mp4; module.

Also in my setup it is not I/O usage because i use the following disk cache
controller :

Caching frequently accessed data to a SSD.

And all hard drives are the following.

Everything loads and downloads fast just MP4's larger than 1GB seem to be
slow webm or other media formats seem to be fine.

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