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Sat Oct 25 21:28:41 UTC 2014

I just found something cool i am not sure if anyone knows but our browsers
will always use the first supplied media file to play from.

<?php if ($params->get('mp4')) : ?><source src="<?php echo
$params->get('mp4'); ?>" type="video/mp4" /><?php endif; ?>

<?php if ($params->get('webm')) : ?><source src="<?php echo
$params->get('webm'); ?>" type="video/webm" /><?php endif; ?>

<?php if ($params->get('ogg')) : ?><source src="<?php echo
$params->get('ogg'); ?>" type="video/ogg" /><?php endif; ?>

<?php if ($params->get('flv')) : ?><source src="<?php echo
$params->get('flv'); ?>" type="video/flv" /><?php endif; ?>

So as you see the first media file to be delieverd for the media player to
grab is the MP4.
If i switch and make the webm the first in line.

Now in my browser when i tell the media player to play it plays the webm
file first. And it loads instantly aswell as the webm is also a smaller file
than mp4 and higher quality.

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