Socket connection failures on 1.6.1~precise

Jon Clayton jon.clayton at
Tue Sep 2 16:00:10 UTC 2014

I'm trying to track down an issue that is being presented only when I 
run nginx version 1.6.1-1~precise.  My nodes running 1.6.0-1~precise do 
not display this issue, but freshly created servers are getting floods 
of these socket connection issues a couple times a day.

/connect() to unix:/tmp/unicorn.sock failed (11: Resource temporarily 
unavailable) while connecting to upstream/

The setup I'm working with is nginx proxying requests to a unicorn 
socket powered by a ruby app.  As stated above, the error is NOT present 
on nodes running 1.6.0-1~precise, but any newly created node gets the 
newer 1.6.1-1~precise package installed and will inevitably have that error.

All settings from nodes running 1.6.0 appear to be the same as newly 
created nodes on 1.6.1 in terms of sysctl settings, nginx settings, and 
unicorn settings.  All package versions are the same except for nginx.  
When I downgraded one of the newly created nodes to nginx 1.6.0 using 
the nginx ppa (ref:, the error was not 

Is there any advice, direction, or similar issue experienced that 
someone else might be able to help me track this down?
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