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I would like to ask you about a concern that I have and I could not find
anything in the forums or google.

The situation is:

I already have configured an apache server with 2-step authentication and
reverse proxy, which is used to as an additional security layer to enter a
Remote Desktop Services infrastructure.

I'm using a Remote desktop web gateway application (from remotelabs) which
is a web gateway working with websockets and it connects to the remote
desktop infrastructure. In a summery: Internet --> apache with 2 factor
authentication and pwauth and reverse proxy --> remote desktop gateway -->
remote desktop infrastructure.

The problem is for some reason everything works inside the infrastructure
but when I tried to connect from outside (internet) it doesn't work in the
web gateway, it just cannot connect.....

So the folowing steps is put in the middle Nginx as a reverse proxy because
the developer of web gateway recommended that due to Nginx works better with
websockets rather than apache.

I was reading that is possible to run apache and nginx in the same port but
changing the listening ip addresses, but is possible to use Nginx as reverse
proxy with apache with ngx_http_auth_request_module ?

If so, is there any orientative example to do this?.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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