Fetching HTTP value into config at start-up

igorclark nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Sep 4 14:31:55 UTC 2014

Thanks Oscar. Yes I'd read that first page and a bunch of those search
results before. I guess I'll end up writing custom config files per
environment, too, and maybe a script to regenerate and send a HUP to nginx
when the data changes. I really wanted to avoid this because it's just one
more moving part that I'd rather not have.

It seems pretty reasonable to want to do this sort of thing just once at
startup. Even getting an env variable for every HTTP request seems kind of
an overhead, however tiny. Maybe I'll look at writing a module to do it some
day. When I have enough time to learn how to write network-accessing ngx_*
modules without breaking everything ;-)

Anyway, if anyone knows of another way to do it, that'd be great, but in the
meantime I appreciate your response. Thanks.


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