Nginx reverse proxy multi upstream (multiples sites)

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Fri Apr 10 22:29:38 UTC 2015

Excuse me for the mail that was not clear, I don't find the correct
technical term to use.

Yes "" and  "" resolve to the nginx server.

When I do  "curl -i", Iget the response from and it work fine because it's on the location /

When I do "curl -i", I get the response from but with /panel on the URL. So After i get the home page I can't
go the the other page because the URL contain the "/panel"

My issue is to point the nginx server to many backend server, the nginx
requires to have different location which cause probleme to navigate in the
different backen server. Is there a solution to work with nginx as a reverse
proxy for many backend servers (differents sites)

Thank you in advance

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