Static Content on Different Server Isn't Loaded??

Francis Daly francis at
Sun Aug 2 23:06:25 UTC 2015

On Sun, Aug 02, 2015 at 06:59:03PM -0400, smsmaddy1981 wrote:
> "/content/img.jpg" is sepcific to an application and which is deployed on
> "ser02".

I'm going to guess that you mean "every request that starts with /content/
should be handled by ser02".

In that case, your configuration should be like

  location ^~ /content/ {
    proxy_pass http://ser02;

What happens when you use that?

(What request do you make?; what response do you get?)

> Whenenver an web request is made accessing the application (deployed on
> ser02)...through upstream configuration...the service responds reaching
> ser02...but static files (/content/img.jpg) are not rendered. The access_log
> shows the file is trying to look on ser01 (Nginx is installed)

If you still see a problem, can you list the exact request that does
work as you want, and the exact request that does not work as you want?

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