Memory leaks when used as a shared library

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Tue Aug 4 23:50:33 UTC 2015

Hi, Lord,
Thank you!

Lord Nynex Wrote:
> Have you looked at ?

But the issue in my case is not related to nginx's pool mechanism. 
It is caused by some build-in modules which  won't  release it allocated
memory at all. e.g. 
ngx_event_core_module.init_process does some allocating but there 's no
ngx_event_core_module.exit_process at all, so the memory it allocated will
only be released by operation system process manager only when the worker
process exits. it is plain that this will be reported as memory leak by

Just as Maxim said, I plan to write a new process_cycle for my shared
library and record all unreleased memory and do release them at the end of


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