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Fri Aug 14 10:22:23 UTC 2015


I would like to migrate my page from a webhoster to my own vServer running
Nginx. So far I got everything up and running EXCEPT these stupid .htaccess
file. Let me explain:

My site contains several galleries with slideshows. When you are watching
one of those you click a link which looks like this 


(only DOMAIN/galleries and -single.php) are fixed. The rest can vary. Those
links are generated by Lightroom and a plugin and during this process a
.htaccess file will be copied into each folder. The content looks like

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>        
RewriteEngine On        
RewriteRule ^(.*)-single.*php$ single.php?id=$1 [L]    

This makes my link
point to this

as you can see, the "DSC01154" will be passed through. I am trying for
several days to create a rewrite rule for Nginx doing the same without
killing my page. 

Does anyone knows a solution for this?

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