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The aim of this course is to make you understand the financial statement
of a company doing an analysis on the same and projecting the future
financials of a company.The tutorials have been designed in such a
manner that it would help you build a step-by-step advanced financial
model‚ Concept of circularity‚ Understand the Key Linkages of Income
statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow statement.
You would get the opportunity to learn Excel proficiency that is
required by the analyst and Financial Modeling of different sectors such
as the Paint sector, IT sector and Education sector.
Financial Modeling is a tool that can be used to forecast a picture of a
security or a financial instrument or a company’s future financial
performance based on the historical performance of the entity. Financial
Modeling includes preparing of detailed company specific models which
are then used for the purpose of decision making and performing
financial analysis. It is nothing but constructing a financial
representation of some, or all, aspects of the firm or given security.
OR  it is mathematical model of different aspects of financial health of
a given company and this model can be made on a simple not book paper or
in excel, with later it is easily possible to analyse  the impact of
different assumptions or change in value of various variables hence
gives the more flexibility.

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