Client specified server port

Joó Ádám adam at
Mon Aug 24 22:35:55 UTC 2015


The return directive allows the use of URLs relative to the server, in
which case the scheme, server name and port are automatically
prepended by Nginx.

The port is, however, the port on which the request was received,
which is not always the port to which the request was sent, i. e. the
one specified in the Host header field. For example, tunneling through a redirect will lead to

Also, there is no variable exposing this value, so one must extract it
themselves to explicitly specify in the redirect URL:

    set $is_port '';
    set $port '';

    if ($http_host ~ :(\d+)$) {
        set $is_port ':';
        set $port $1;

Maybe this is something that would worth considering as an
enhancement. Making return use the port in the Host header or to
preserve backwards compatibility, introducing a switch,
request_port_in_redirect, complementing server_name_in_redirect, off
by default, and at the same time exposing this in a $request_port

What do you think?


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