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this is not my business but this reply from "B.R." has excited me. This is example of disrespect and discourtesy to the another's work. Please, keep your fucking opinion to yourself. 


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Is this for this book I (and many many other people, as they are used to, search about them) have been contacted by those Packt Publishing crooks to review, effectively asking me to work for free for them? 

I am glad you make books, but skilled people usually find what they seek for by themselves, not in a book dedicated to a specific technology. Books are more suitable for concepts and design, not for specificities and particular implementations. 
Write a book about making a website instead. Or don't. 

This mailing list is about discussing the (FOSS?) nginx product, not about self-promoting anonymous nginx experts and selling related stuff. Step away. 
That said, I wish you to make money, I am sorry for you having chosen to work with Packt Publishing, and I wish people not to believe books from Nonames about specific technologies are in any way useful. 
B. R. 
On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 10:19 AM, Valery Kholodkov < valery+nginxen at grid.net.ru > wrote: 

Hi everyone! 

I would like to announce that a new book about nginx called 'Nginx Essentials' that I was working on the last 6 months has been published and is now available in E-stores worldwide, e.g.: 


This book is ideal for skilled web masters and site reliability engineers who want to switch to Nginx or solidify their knowledge of Nginx. 

This will help you to learn how to set up, configure, and operate an Nginx installation for day-to-day use, explore the vast features of Nginx to manage it like a pro, and use them successfully to run your website. 

This book is an example-based guide to get the best out of Nginx and reduce resource usage footprint. 

The work on this book was a new interesting journey for me and I would like to thank the Packt Publishing team for making everything happen, as well as technical reviewers. 

I hope this book will be usefull for you and you enjoy reading it! 

Valery Kholodkov 

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