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Thanks Edward.

What is the expected ratio of CPU Usage when HTTPS is enabled at Nginx ? How is the ratio affected when we enable persistent HTTP

Folks from nginx or who have already bench marked may help here and can point me to useful links on web.

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Bombard is a useful wrapper round siege.

I've had trouble using siege with more than a couple of thousand connections - crashes with buffer overflow.  I've not tried to debug this yet but would be interested in other people's experiences.

On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 10:16 AM, basti <black.fledermaus at<mailto:black.fledermaus at>> wrote:
You can try "siege".
In the past I have take the access log to create a list of urls to be
used by siege.


On 08.01.2015 11:06, Das, Jagannath wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>    I am trying to get some performance numbers on nginx  by sending
> HTTP and HTTPS requests.  My aim is to check the ratio of CPU usage,
> connections/sec across HTTP and HTTPS requests.
> In the process, I need to verify certain certificates/keys needed for
> SSL . Are there any tools which can help in generating the load in the
> following conditions:
>  1. Keepalive/Persistent HTTP client support.
>  2. Options to verify the certificates/keys/CA chain certs.
> Thanks,
> Jagannath
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