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Sun Jan 11 14:00:28 UTC 2015

nginx does not handle the TCP stack, which is part of the network layer of
the OSI stack, underneath anything nginx does.
Have a look at your OS network stack monitoring tools.

Exhaustion of TCP sockets (or file descriptors) will lead to the
impossibility of opening new connections and might lead to some
erratic/strange behavior, looking at the application level.
nginx might give a specific error message... or not. Loads of reasons might
be responsible of the impossibility of opening new connections.

Anyhow, use the proper tool to get the proper piece of information: that is
a logic proven to be robust.
*B. R.*

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> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for the reply. How do we determine if there's an overload of tcp
> connections via nginx?
> Is it via this access logs?
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