Proxy cache of X-Accel-Redirect, how?

bongtv nginx-forum at
Thu Jan 29 10:52:54 UTC 2015

Tried to cache the X-Accel-Redirect responses from Phusion Passenger
application server with the use of a second layer without success (followed
the hint on,241734,241948#msg-241948). 

1) Application server (Phusion Passenger)
         adds X-Accel-Redirect header to response
         sends to
2) NGINX server
         >> tries to cache <<
         proxy_ignore_headers X-Accel-Redirect; 
         proxy_pass_header X-Accel-Redirect;
         passenger_pass_header X-Accel-Redirect;

         sends to
3) NGINX server
        delivers file

But caching of the reuest on server (2) does not work. 
Any idea?

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