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I'm using PHP with nginx 1.9.2 and it works great!
But there's something I don't understand with the add_header directive.

I use add_header in server and location block, but it seems only the one in
location is used.
If I remove the add_header in the location block, I get the header I added
in the server block.

Here's a short example:
server {
  add_header Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=604800; includeSubDomains";

  location = /blah {
    add_header X-Test test;

If I access /blah, I'll only get the X-Test header, while I'd like to get
X-Test and Strict-Transport-Security.
If I comment the add_header in the blah location and access /blah, I'll get
the Strict-Transport-Security header.

How can I solve this problem, without having to duplicate/include
"add_header Strict-Transport-Security" everywhere?

Seems is the same problem.

Best Regards

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