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You would proxy pass to the backend. Lookup how the smtp is done with nginx.

Personally i use nginx for http based and haproxy for any other tcp based load balancing, ive had some great success in this method.

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On Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 8:02 PM, Felix HT1 Zhang wrote:

> Dears,
> This is Felix which is from Lenovo.I need your kindly help of nginx.
> Here is one question of nginx SFTP/FTP loadbalancer.
> The backend is two machines service IP is which have some http,https,SFTP and FTP service.
> The frontend systems send some data to by
> Now we want to use nginx to do the loadbalancer which dispatch the http,https,SFTP and FTP to not by
> I could configure the nginx.conf to loadbalancer the http and https service.
> But how to loadbalancer SFTP and FTP service?
> Could you give me one configuration example for SFTP and FTP service?
> BR
> Felix zhang
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