Nginx with Organization PROXY server

Shay Peretz shay at
Tue Jul 14 13:49:46 UTC 2015

Hello ,

on a linux box I define to move the traffic through  some Centralize
proxy server ( Organization one )
in order to configure the proxy from the command line I ran :
export HTTP_PROXY="http://<proxy_server>:<proxy port>"

On the same box I have nginx which serve as a reverse proxy and all
the local application sending the traffic through  the local reverse

how can I force the nginx to fwd all the traffic through the ORG proxy server ?

chart ...

            Linux Box                                           Proxy
server                     | Internet  |
|--------------------------------------------|   =>
|---------------------------|  =>
  <node.js code >  -> < nginx >                     Organization Proxy
           |                |

Thanks !

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