keepalive_timeout timeout causes high TTFB

Valentin V. Bartenev vbart at
Fri Jul 24 14:30:08 UTC 2015

On Friday 24 July 2015 09:40:40 khav wrote:
> I am trying to further optimize SSL but if i enable keepalive_timeout i get
> high TTFB as shown in the report below
> When i disable keepalive_timeout  , TTFB is fixed but nginx recommand
> keepalive_timeout :
> Why does this happen ?

In the report above SPDY protocol was used, but the keepalive_timeout
directive configures a timeout for https keepalive connections, and
has no effect with SPDY.

I believe it was just a coincidence, and big TTFB caused by something

  wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

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