mp4 streaming/seeking works from firefox (fedora) and not from firefox (windows) (nginx 1.9.3)

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Wed Jul 29 11:14:21 UTC 2015


i am seeing an unexplained malfunction here with nginx when serving videos.
flv and mp4 files have different symptoms. mp4 streams correctly when i view
the file in firefox 39 in fedora 22, but in windows 7 (firefox 39) the file
cannot be 'seeked' and must be played linearly.
after speaking with the coders of video.js (the player i use), it was
determined that nginx is not returning byte range data appropriately (or at
all) - so seeking would not work. however, this does not explain why firefox
39 in fedora works perfectly and does not provide a solution as to how to
get nginx to serve correctly.

the only advice i have seen is to change the value of the 'max_ranges'
directive - but doing that has made no difference. i have left it as 'unset'
- which i understand to mean 'unlimited'.

an example video from the server is here:

any tips welcomed! thanks

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